Doug & Jenn

Doug & Jenn

Doug & Jenn look forward to spending their mornings with you. They hope that for you, like them, it's an every day thing.Full Bio

Should You Move if You Can't Find Love?

Is 6 Hours a Week Enough Family Time?

On today's podcast, Doug & Jenn discuss the latest study showing how 6 hours a week is as much time as we get with family.

Doug & Jenn

What Food Crimes Have You Committed? Doug & Jenn talk about real life "Food Crimes" in today's podcast!

The Dish!

The Dish today features Ashton, Mila & Reese, Leonardo's possible fling with a MUCH younger woman and the next Magic Mike!

What is the Correct Temperature to Set Your Thermostat to?

It seems like everyone has a different opinion of what temperature is optimal to heat their homes to. Doug & Jenn discuss the results of our online poll...and finally...Doug is WRONG!

Are "Vacations" Over?

Are we done with vacations? 80% of people have agreed to working while on vacation if that means they can extend their actual vacation. Doug & Jenn discuss what that means in today's podcast.

Are These Deal Breakers in a Relationship?

A list of "deal breakers" for relationships is floating around the internet. It includes being smelly, being a bad tipper, over-sharing on social media and more. Doug & Jenn discuss what might actually be a true deal-breaker.

If Your Significant Other Wants to Do a Couple's Costume...Do You Just Do it?

What do you do if your significant other wants to do a "couples costume" but you don't? On today's podcast, Doug & Jenn attempt to help Candy who wrote in with that exact issue!

Are These Phrases Only Annoying People Say?

Reddit has come up with things that only annoying people say. But are they phrases only annoying people say? Or are we all guilty? Doug & Jenn discuss!

Are There Things You Secretly Hate About Your Kids?

Doug & Jenn discuss things you may secretly hate about having kids.