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Doug & Jenn

Doug & Jenn look forward to spending their mornings with you. They hope that for you, like them, it's an every day thing.Full Bio

When Was the First Time You Felt "Old"?

Is Bieber's Sloppy Dress Disrespectful to Hailey?

Pictures of the Biebers have been floating around the internet where Hailey is dressed to impress, and Justin appears to be wearing sweats. Is this disrespectful behavior on his part?

Do Opposites Atrract?

New research is out on whether the old saying "opposites attract" is actually true. Doug & Jenn discuss!

Alphabet Dating...and Doug's Favorite Letter

If you're relationship is getting stale experts suggest the "Alphabet Dating" trend. What is it? What letters does Doug suggest you try out? Give today's podcast a listen!

Does the New "Bed Rotting" Self-Care Trend Sound Appealing to You?

"Bed Rotting" is the newest "self-care" trend. Would you be able to actually do such a thing?

Did Bluey's Parents Just Blow it?

A recent episode of "Bluey" has caused fans upset when Bluey's dad tells her that he needs to exercise more after not liking what he saw on the scale. Is this a bad thing for kids to see? Doug & Jenn discuss.

Should You Move if You Can't Find Love?

On today's podcast Doug & Jenn discuss the possibilities of moving to find love. Is it worth it?

Is 6 Hours a Week Enough Family Time?

On today's podcast, Doug & Jenn discuss the latest study showing how 6 hours a week is as much time as we get with family.

Doug & Jenn

What Food Crimes Have You Committed? Doug & Jenn talk about real life "Food Crimes" in today's podcast!

The Dish!

The Dish today features Ashton, Mila & Reese, Leonardo's possible fling with a MUCH younger woman and the next Magic Mike!