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A Brief History of "Nobody Wants to Work Anymore" - Twitter

We've certainly heard this a lot lately: "No one wants to work anymore"! There's a labor shortage. In fact, some would even call it a crisis.

Well a gentleman has decided to show us that this issue is nothing new. He has posted newspaper articles discussing this problem dating back to the 1800's!

Check out some of his finds here:

Like this one from 2014:

Or this one from 2006

This one from waaaaaayy back in 1999

1981 had plenty of "rocky" times too

In 1952, no truer words were ever spoken

There's nothing "peachy" about worker issues in 1937

Even back in 1894, the editor of the paper couldn't find enough workers to get him some coal!

In one has apparently ever wanted to actually work. And who could blame them?

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