NE Tech Students Build Replacement Wheels That Were Stolen From 9 Year Old!

Nine year old Kayleighana had her GoBabyGo modified ride-on stolen out of her front yard. These are vehicles that resemble the Power Wheels of our childhoods that are adapted so that kids with mobility issues can use something instead of a wheelchair. The idea is to find a vehicle for your child that has the ability to give them the power of transportation while also helping to build their confidence.

I think we can all agree that these vehicles are awesome!

But when one is lost or stolen, it takes some time to get a new one. Just think about what the wait time is for your average item you order these days. Then look at a kid like Kayleighana and tell her she has to wait months before she can get back into her favorite set of wheels.

In this case, it was New England Tech to the rescue!

The students of New England Institute of Technology custom-built Kayleighana a replacement.

Check out the complete story below!

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