Mr. Donkers Serenades His Donkeys in the Perfect Way

As it turns out, even a donkey loves a good song! And apparently, singing to a donkey brings on burro euphoria!

Mr. Donkers has an Instagram page that will melt even the coldest heart. Because although the sound that occasionally comes out of a donkey's mouth is a bit jarring, they are undeniably cute! They're like fluffy mini horses. I often find their personalities to be doglike...and how can that ever be a bad thing?

Don't like donkeys, you say? Well what about a mule? A jennet? In Britain they call them mokes! And did you know there's even a word related to a donkey that's, get this, jenny?!

You can enjoy all of the posts on the Mr. Donkers Instagram page here. But I highly recommend that you check out this lovely donkey serenade below first. I mean, the donkeys are loving it! And how could they not? It's one of the WORLD's most beloved songs! I wish I knew how to play guitar!

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