I Think I'm Obsessed With This New Show

Ok, I realize I'm late to the party here. But if it's one thing the pandemic has given us, it's time to watch TV. During that time I've become an avid binger of Queer Eye on Netflix. There is something so genuinely GOOD about this show. The fact that the cast is so involved in each and every "hero" that they help is just an overload of joy.

Now I'm going to admit that in the earlier seasons of the current QE seasons, I was a little taken aback with Jonathan Van Ness. I'm not sure exactly why...because I'm now a bit obsessed. He is smart, funny, open-hearted and caring. I find myself smiling and laughing along with him in every episode. And this adorable human being is now creating a new obsession...Getting Curios With Jonathan Van Ness.

This new Netflix show hasn't even aired its first episode (that is happening on January 28th). I'm anxiously awaiting it's release and I'm going to show you why (you can see the trailer below). If you are like me, and Jonathan was (or maybe even currently is) a "slow burn" for you, trust me, he is going to be EVERYTHING in this new show!

Enjoy the trailer below (I may have already watched it 3 or 4 times!)!

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