Husband Gets Bagged Doing Something Dopey

A woman from Denver is sharing the moment she realized her husband’s eyes weren’t only on her during their recent vacation. She posted avideofrom their trip to Florida, where she’s seen standing in the surf and enjoying a day at the beach. Her husband is behind the camera and she thought she had his full attention, but the footage reveals he got a little distracted.

TikToker@thicctok5280posted the 30-second clip on her page, writing, “I was watching my husband’s video from our Florida trip last week …” She explains that she was getting closer to the camera to give him a few poses and she thought she was “the main character the whole time.” And then she saw “who he was really recording” - a bikini-clad woman standing in the water just behind where his wife was. He made the mistake of taking the focus off his wife and zooming in on the hot stranger splashing in the waves.

The wife doesn’t seem to be mad about it, but plenty of people jumped to her defense in the comments section and seemed offended for her:

  • “Girl. I’m mad at my husband now and he didn’t even do anything,” one writes.
  • “We are all collectively mad at him,” another posts. Please notify him with a passive aggressive text and ignore him for us. Thank you ~ all women around the world.”
  • “I’m a married man,” shares another, “if this man doesn’t treat you like the MAIN character … then I’m not sure you should allow him to be a character in your story AT ALL.”


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