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Eco-Friendly Ways To Recycle Your Pumpkins!

The illuminated results of our pumpkin carving party!Photo: Stephanie Dansereau

Had so much fun carving pumpkins with my friends this year, but not Halloween is over, so what do we do with our pumpkins and jack-o'-lanterns?

The carved jack o'lanterns eventually it is going to rot, so there are eco-friendly ways you can recycle it.

You can put it out with the yard waste collection, you can check when that is with your local town. You might even find your town has a local pumpkin smashing festival.

Not only that, but you could recycle it and use it in your garden as compost, or even leave it out as snacks for wildlife. That's what I'm going to do with mine, I'm gonna leave it out down by the woods for the deer, chipmunks and whatever other little critter what a fun snack.

If you don't live in an area where there's a ton of wildlife, you could check with the zoo to see if they'll take your old pumpkins as treats for some of the animals, like the big cats.

And if you haven't carved your pumpkin, yet, then it should keep to the end of November. I bought two pumpkins, but only carved one of them. I thought about leaving the other one un-carved as another decoration, but I might carve something Thanksgiving on to it instead, like a turkey. I've never carved a Thanksgiving jack-o'-lantern before, but I think it might be something fun to do. And if it means I can extend some Halloween festivities a little longer, I'm definitely here for that; it is my favorite holiday, after all.

I even set up a silly photo booth for us!Photo: Stephanie Dansereau

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