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Hangover Remedies

No one likes being hungover.

If you eat a good meal and remember to drink water in addition to your adult beverages, you'll set yourself up well, so you shouldn't have a hang over the next day. I know it's easy to forget to hydrated, so sometimes the next morning it's so fun. Your head might be pounding, you've got an upset stomach and are exhausted. I've got some tips thanks to Harvard researchers on how to ease that hangover.

1.) Hair of the Dog, a classic, since a hangover is a form of withdrawal, another drink or two could help ease the pain, perhaps a Bloody Mary or Mimosas in the morning.

2.) Drink fluids! Water is a must, and if you're dealing with nausea, try small sips or even sucking in ice chips like candy. Avoid things with caffeine, that will only dehydrate you further and possible make your symptoms worse. You could have some tea, and if you're missing that caffeine fix they shave some great energy teas out there that are caffeine free, so that will help you wake up without further dehydrating yourself.

Here's a fun recipe to try!

3.) Refuel your body with carbohydrates. If you're tired or have a headache, it could also be from low blood sugar, in addition to dehydration. Have some juice, toast, or crackers, stick to blander foods at first if your stomach is upset.

4.) Pop some pain relievers. You want to go for the NSAIDs like, aspirin or ibuprofen. NOT acetaminophen just encase there is still alcohol in your body because it could increase the acetaminophen's toxic effects on your liver, which just spent all day or night processing the booze, so give your liver a break.

5.) In addition to the pain meds some vitamins could help also, B vitamins like such as B12 are helpful at easing symptoms, as well as zinc. I myself picked up a bottle of B12 tablets, they dissolve under your tongue. Which comes in handy if your stomach is uneasy.

Bonus tip: when you are drinking, you might want to stick to clear liquor, those tend to cause less hangovers than the dark ones like whiskey and wine. But I know everyone has their preference, so as long you're of age and consuming responsibly, drink what you want. And if you get a hangover now, you know how to nurse yourself or a loved one back to health.

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