Space Stuff with Steph!

Important news in the world of science:

Astronomers say that PROBING URANUS should be a top priority. And they want NASA to stop putting it off and go for it already.

We still haven't studied Uranus in depth. So they want to create something called the "Uranus Orbiter and Probe" that would orbit around it, and then drop a probe deep into Uranus's atmosphere.

They say it could unlock all sorts of secrets hidden by the clouds covering Uranus. For example, we still don't know exactly what Uranus is made of.

Unfortunately, it won't happen quickly and could take a while. If they get started now, they say we could be probing Uranus in about ten years.

Scientists also found evidence of killer jelly fish on one of Jupiter's moons, Europa, based on similar evidence they found here on Earth in Greenland.

NASA's Persevancve Rover sent back footage of what a solar eclipse looks on Mars, it is a lot shorter than the ones we see. This one lasted about 40 seconds, check it out!

See back here next week for more cool science stuff!

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