October Holidays

Happy October! Did you know there's lots of fun holidays to celebrate this month besides Halloween?

For example October 1st was National hair day and I celebrated the best way I knew possible rocking some waves in my luscious locks.

Check out the rest of the fun holidays

October 1st:

National Hair Day
National Black dog Day and National Fire Pup Day
International Coffee Day
National Poetry Day
World Smile Day
World Vegetarian Day

October 2nd:

International Day of nonviolence
National name your car day

October 3rd:

Mean Girls day
National boyfriend day
National Kevin Day

October 4th:

National cinnamon roll day
National golf
National Taco day
National vodka day
World animal day

October 5th:

National be nice day/national do something nice day
Don't get funky day
National kiss a wrestler day
World teachers Day

October 6th:

National mad hatter day
National Noodle Day
National plus size appreciation Day
Cerebral palsy day
National walk and bike to school day

October 7th:

National depression screening

October 8th:

National fluffernutter day
National pierogi day

October 9th:

Leif Erikson Day
World post day

October 10th:

National Cake decorating day
National handbag day
National hug a drummer day
World mental health day

October 11th:

Indigenous peoples day
National coming out day
It's my party day
National kick butt day

October 12th:

Farmer's Day
National pulled pork day

October 13th:

International skeptics day
National fossil day
National M&M day
National No bra Day
National stop bullying day

October 14th:

National dessert Day

October 15th:

Global handwashing day
National grouch day
National mushroom day
National I Love Lucy day

October 16th:

Dictionary day
Global cat Day/ national federal cat Day
National boss's Day
World food day / sweetest Day

October 17th:

National pasta day
National pay back a Friend Day
National clean your virtual desktop day

October 18th:

National cupcake day
National no beard day

October 19th:

National New Friend Day
LGBT center awareness Day

October 20th:

International chef stay
International sloth day
National Day on writing

October 21st:

Back to the Future day
International Day of the nacho
National apple day
National shake It out day
National reptile day

October 22nd:

International cap locks day
National nut day

October 23rd:

National Mole day
National Pitbull day
Slap your annoying coworker day (not recommended parentheses)

October 24th:

National bologna day
United Nations Day

October 25th:

National artist day
National greasy Foods day
National I care about you day
Soursest day
World pasta day

October 26th:

National pumpkin day
National chicken fried steak day

October 27th:

National Black cat Day
National mentoring day
National American beer day

October 28th:

National chocolate day
National first responders day

October 29th:

National cat Day
National breadstick day
National internet day

October 30th:

National Checklist day
National Candy corn day

October 31st:

Halloween/ Day of the Dead
Magic Day
Caramel Apple Day

For even more silly dates check out Nationaltoday.com.

Photo by LISA O'CONNOR/AFP via Getty Images

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