Steph's Weekend in 5! 6-29

Friday after my office hours were done I was ready to kick off the weekend! It was beautiful out, so I took Kohl out into the yard, so he could play and explore. He was looking for a mouse in the garden, to no avail. Then after dinner, we relaxed and watched Hilda Netflix, it's a cute cartoon about a girl and her deer-fox, Twig, that she goes on adventures with. I actually got kohl to watch a bit of the show with me. It was adorable to watch it eyes follow the characters around the screen.

Saturday after work I decided it was time to tend to my garden, finally, I've been neglecting it a bit. There were weeds everywhere, and my plants needed transplanting before they died. They say it's best to transplant your plants on a cloudy day, so I took full advantage of that. I'm hoping my plants take to the garden boxed and don't get eaten by the woodchucks that like to visit. I also trans planted some of my spearmint from my herb garden, next to the house, to the garden in the back. In doing so, I'm hoping the mint will keep the woodchucks away. I also found a recipe for homemade critter repellent. I's super simple, just a couple tablespoons of Cayenne pepper per gallon of water and few drops of dish soap. I sprayed it on and around my crops and around the garden. The smell of the pepper irritates their noses, so they stay away; and if that does work, they won't like the peppery taste of the plant leaves either when then try t eat them. I heard coffee grounds help keep the critters away, so for good measure I sprinkled that around the fence too. So far my plants have remained untouched, but I will have to go out and re apply the spray every so often because it will wash away if it rains or even with the morning dew.

Sunday was an easy-breezy day. I had my second promotion gig at the Blessing of the Bikes, giving away a key to the Dream Machine. It was nice, I got to see my other coworker I hadn't seen in over a year and half and be out with people again. It was hella hot out in the sun, though, but I did get a bit of a tan and talked to some cool people. After the gig, was home to hang out with Kohl for a bit. He saw bunny!! I'm pretty sure it wasn't the first time he has seen a bunny, but it was still adorable. You can hear him "chirping" at the beginning of the BTS video. Then I was off to my bestie Andrew's to hang out' we chatted, had a couple of drinks and watched Shrek 2 and Shrek the Third. Perfect way to wrap up the weekend!

Cottontail Rabbit

Photo: Stephanie Dansereau

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