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Sometimes when you’re on a trip, you really don't wanna leave the comfort of your hotel room to find something to eat. That’s when you’re grateful to be able to pick up the phone and call room service, so you can enjoy a meal in bed. And new research from gives us a peek into what people around the world are ordering from their hotel. has just released their first Room Service Report, which includes requests from nearly 500 hotels in the U.S., as well as the U.K., Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Japan, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. And if you’ve ever felt bad for ordering something off-menu from room service, take comfort in the fact it’s probably not the strangest request they’ve had.

The Top 10 Unusual Room Service Requests

  1. Diet water
  2. Melted ice cream
  3. Blowfish
  4. Boiled bottled water
  5. A cooked fish that the guest brought with them
  6. Cockle popcorn
  7. No egg white omelet
  8. Rice bowl for dogs
  9. Bison
  10. Eggless shakshuka (a poached egg dish)

The report also finds:

  • The most popular room service order globally and in the U.S. is burgers, beating out pizza, club sandwiches and French fries.
  • People like to keep it simple with room service, as 43% of U.S. hotels said, “Guests prefer more casual cuisine behind closed doors.”
  • More than a quarter (27%) of U.S. hotels say their guests spend more than $100 for room service, on average.


Room service hotel staff carries breakfast tray

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