Man Pairs CVS Receipt With "Star Wars" Theme Song in Viral TikTok Video!

People have come up with some creative ideas on social media for what to do with your super long CVS receipt. With all the coupons attached a small purchase can result in a receipt that’s three feet long. Some have suggested wrapping presents with it, using it to make a scarf or a hair bow. Some even suggest using it as toilet paper...ew. 

Well, this very creative guy posted a video on TikTok of his long CVS receipt backed by the “Star Wars” theme music and it’s gone viral!

TikTok user @bearded_brian wrote, “Just left CVS, purchased seven items…”and then the “Star Wars” theme music starts playing. He takes the receipt and slowly pulls it up from the bottom of the video to the top, rolling it like the opening credits in the famous film. That receipt is so long it keeps going and going and going for the full 29 second video! So far Brian’s video has over 2.5 million views!

Shopping till receipt

Photo: Getty Images

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