Man Finds Frog in Boxed Salad...Keeps It As a Pet!

Aww...this guy went out to get lunch and ended up with a new pet! A man in Tulsa, Oklahoma bought a box of lettuce at Whole Foods Market, and when he got home, he found this tiny, green frog inside the package!

Simon Curtis shared the story on Twitter and asked his followers, “does anyone know what I should do so that he doesn’t die?” Apparently, this frog is pretty hardy, because it had been living in the salad package in the fridge for several days and was still alive. He asked people if he should keep the frog as a pet, and 60% of his followers said yes. So Simon decided to keep the frog and named it Tony. He even went outside and collected worms for the amphibian to eat. 

The story went viral. Petco heard about it and gave Simon a $500 gift card to help buy food and supplies for Tony. Now Tony the frog has his own temperature-controlled habitat to live in with rocks and plants and a little pool.

Simon shared this video of Tony in his new pad on New Year’s Eve!

Portrait of a Javan tree frog

Photo: Getty Images

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