Donate Your Christmas Tree To Some Hungry Rhode Island Goats!

It’s January 5th and I still haven’t taken down my Christmas tree yet. If you’re ready to dispose of your live tree, donate it to some hungry goats at an animal sanctuary!

The folks at the B Free Farm in Tiverton say their goats would love to munch on your Christmas tree! Not only do those evergreens make a tasty treat for goats, they are good for them too, because they’re high in antioxidants and nutrients.

Douglas fir, Fraser fir, Blue spruce, Scotch pine and white pine are all safe for goats to eat, as long as the trees are untreated with any chemicals. 

Scott and Amy Macdonald care for dozens of animals that they’ve rescued over the years, and that includes several goats.

According to NBC10, last year 45 Christmas trees were donated to the farm, and they’re still accepting donations for this year. You can either drop your tree off at the farm at 663 East Rd in Tiverton. Or you can contact them to arrange a pick-up. Email them at

Stockholm, Sweden

Photo: Getty Images

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