RI Bars and Restaurants Are Now Banned From Handing Out Plastic Straws!

There is a new law in effect here in Rhode Island now that the New Year has arrived. Local restaurants and bars are no longer allowed to hand out plastic straws with your drink! If they do give you a plastic straw they could be fined $25 per offense and up to $300 a year.

Effective immediately, you can only get a plastic straw with your drink if you ask for one. Read more about the new law HERE.

So when you eat in a restaurant or grab take out you may be handed a paper straw instead of a plastic one if you get any at all, and that’s assuming the business owner can get their hands on paper straws. Word is those have been in short supply, like lots of other items, as the country continues to deal with supply chain issues.

I have to say I’m not a fan of the paper straws. They tend to disintegrate before you’re finished with your drink, and if you’re trying to sip a smoothie, forget it. They can’t hold up to that kind of pressure. I guess I’ll have to bring my own straw to the restaurants from now on!

Full Frame Shot Of Colorful Drinking Straws

Photo: Getty Images

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