Favorite Christmas Candy By State!

Every holiday season my husband and my kids make their annual trip to Pearl’s Candy and Nuts in North Smithfield to buy me candy for Christmas. It’s awesome, all handmade. Personally, my favorites are their chocolate caramel pecan turtles and the nonpareils. 

Candystore.com just came out with their list of the favorite Christmas candy by state, and peppermint bark seems to be gaining in popularity. It’s the favorite in 14 states, including Rhode Island. 

Surprisingly only 5 states chose the mini Reese’s Peanut Butter cups as their favorite, including Indiana, Maryland and Oregon. 

Chocolate Santas were the most popular in 6 states including Maine, and another 6 states chose Candy Canes as their favorite, New Hampshire and Massachusetts among them. That's unfortunate since there’s a Candy Cane shortage this year, although I’ve been able to find them in the stores. Check out the whole list HERE!

Little Christmas spirit

Photo: Getty Images

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