How to avoid a post NFL football Sunday Hangover

Well if you're a football fan... this could be the time of year where you just might be tempted bang out of work 'sick' on a Monday. The issue is Sunday games might mean drinking a little too much (ya think?) and you end up with a headache , a little nausea and a touch of irritability the next day...ahhh..good times. if you still wanna drink but want to avoid the hangover , folks at Fox news reports a good rule of thumb is to drink a glass of water between every alcoholic beverage. While there really is'nt a hangover cure , some foods help curb the symptoms more than others , including eggs (amino acids help) , bananas (bring back your potassium level back up to normal) and even meat (contains vitamin B23 and zinc...lacking them equates with more severe hangovers) Part on and Good Luck!


Hung over man passed out on the floor next day to a party, foot visible. Trash, food leftovers, clothes, high heels and bottles everywhere in messy house.

Photo: Getty Images

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