Fans Catch Falling Cat at College Football Game!

I am a cat lover, so when I first saw this video, I shut it off. I couldn't watch. This poor little black and white cat was dangling from a sign at the Hard Rock stadium during the Miami and Appalachian State game on Saturday, September 11th. However, once I found out the cat was saved and is safe and sound, I was able to watch the video. It's still tough to watch though.

Some how this stray feline found it's way into the stadium, and tumbled over the edge of the upper deck. It got one of its paws stuck in the signage round the facade, and was dangling by a claw. Fans caught video of this cat desperately trying to climb back up to safety.

Luckily some quick acting people down below in the lower deck made a net out of an American flag just in time as the cat fell from above. The terrified kitty bounced from the flag and into a group of students, and they were able to grab it and get it safely to stadium security. The cat didn't look happy with his rescuers, but he's really lucky to be alive!

Black and white cat running in the grass

Photo: Getty Images

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