Brewery Creates Warheads Candy Hard Seltzer!

A candy from your childhood is now a spiked seltzer! Remember Warheads sour candies? They were invented in Taiwan back in 1975, but didn't make it over here to the United States until 1993. They quickly became popular with kids of all ages, and now that familiar, blow the top of your head off flavor has been incorporated into new hard seltzers!

Last year the candy company that makes Warheads, Impact Confections, teamed up with a brewery in Saratoga Springs, New York called Artisanal Brew Works, to create three Warheads flavored Sour Ales, and new this year is another Warheads alcoholic beverage. They just introduced five yummy flavors of hard seltzer including black cherry, lemon, blue raspberry, green apple, and watermelon.

The brewery describes the drinks as, “sweet, they’re slightly tart, and they’re unlike any hard seltzer you’ve had before.” They're doing tastings at the brewery in Saratoga Springs, or you can buy a pack of Warheads Hard Seltzer at stores in California, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Massachusetts!

Beer cans Fresh from the fridge. Lots of aluminum cans in the ice in the open fridge. Drops of water on a cold can of drink

Photo: Getty Images

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