The Lego "Seinfeld" Apartment Goes On Sale August 1st!

It's official! Jerry Seinfeld and the gang are getting their own Lego set! We heard rumblings about this a few weeks ago, and it's true! The "Friends" Lego building set was such a massive hit the company decided to honor another beloved sitcom. The Seinfeld apartment is going to be in brick form starting next month!

A guy named Brent Waller, who is a video game designer, came up with the idea, and created the set that looks like a mini version of Jerry's New York City apartment. Jerry and all his friends are recreated in Lego mini figure form, including Elaine, George, Kramer, and Newman, and the 1,326-piece set comes with lots of accessories. There's even a little stage with a brick wall background for Jerry to do his stand up act.

You'll be able to buy the Lego Seinfeld Apartment starting on August 1st, unless you are a Lego VIP member...if you are, you can order your set right now! Check it out HERE!


Photo: Getty Images

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