Little Girl Tells Santa She Was Naughty This Year But Still Wants Presents!

She may be on the naughty list, but that didn't stop this little 9 year old girl in England from asking for a long list of pricey gifts! Her sister posted a picture of the girl's funny Christmas list on Twitter, and it's gone viral!

She writes, “Dear beloved Father Christmas, I hope you’ve had a wonderful year and you’ve been well. My year has been quite the opposite. I’ve tried hard to be good but miserably failed. I’ll be honest, I do deserve a coal, but please I’d love to have a present. Actually more than one. Here’s a list—Tick the boxes if you have some [of] them---”

Among the expensive items on her wish list are Airpods, a “PS five and four”, a Nintendo Switch, a new computer (she specifies that it should be the latest,) a trip to France for five people, an iPhone 12 and more! She even put in a request for a pet snake! She did include one practical item asking for some hand sanitizer. 

Photo Credit: Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images News

UK Daily Life 2020

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