Biden Tells MSNBC He Isn't Going Anywhere

President Biden says he's "not going anywhere."

Biden called in to MSNBC this morning to try and make his case for staying in the 2024 race as more Democrats ask him to drop out due to concerns about his mental fitness.

The President claimed "average Democrats" want him to stay and he's not going to listen to "elites" calling for him to exit.

He again insisted his shaky debate performance was due to an illness, and he just "had a bad night."

He added the 14-million people who took part in the primary process voted for him, and deserve to be heard.

The Presidential remarks come as Rhode Island Congressman Gabe Amo has called for frank discussions about whether the President should remain in the campaign.

(Photo by ERIC BARADAT/AFP via Getty Images)


Photo: ERIC BARADAT / AFP / Getty Images

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