Samuel L Jackson Shares Secret to his Marriage of 41 years!

  Samuel L.Jackson and his wife, LaTanya have been married for 41 years! They're sharing what their secret is. The two made a pact to stay together, no matter what.

LaTanya shares, “In the beginning, we always said the most revolutionary thing that Black people could do was stay together, raise their children with the nucleus of having a father and a mother, since everybody likes to pretend that that’s not the dynamic of the African American family. That it’s just children out here being raised by women, which we know is false."

She also said, “In order to change that narrative, we made a decision to say, ‘We are going to stay together no matter what. We’ll figure it out.'” Samuel echoed his wife's statement, saying, “It’s two people who respect each other, love each other and look out for each other.”



Photo: Getty Images

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