William Shatner is Now the Oldest Person Ever to Fly in Space!

William Shatner is back on solid ground after finally traveling in space for real! He is now the oldest person ever to fly in space at age 90! He looks fabulous for 90 years old by the way! Yesterday morning the actor, famous for his role as James T. Kirk on the TV series Star Trek, blasted off from Texas on Blue Origin’s New Shepherd NS-18 rocket for an 11 minute joyride into space and back. The rocket traveled 351,000 feet above the Earth, then the capsule returned to the desert in Texas suspended by parachutes.

Shatner got very emotional upon returning calling the trip “the most profound experience I can imagine,” and thanked Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos saying, “I am overwhelmed. I had no idea.” 

Bezos is a long time Star Trek fan. In fact, when he was 9 years old, he made a little Star Trek tricorder and communicators out of paper. Shatner brought those into space with him on that flight. Thank goodness Bezos’ mom saved those homemade items for 48 years!

Blue Origin Launch

Photo: Getty Images

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