Apple Unveils New iPhone 13 in Fall Event!

It's that time of year again...when Apple debuts all of it's new tech products. In a prerecorded streaming event we got a sneak peek at the new iPhone 13. Kinda surprised they didn't skip that unlucky number and go right to the 14 but whatever.

Not really any huge differences from the iPhone 12, but there are a few notable upgrades, the biggest being an increase in available storage, up to a terabyte is now an option, which is almost double that available in previous iPhone models. Apple also improved the camera, giving us a better ultra-wide lens, a cinematic-like video feature and the ability to take better pictures at night. The latest model also boasts a much longer lasting battery. The iPhone 13 will be available in four different designs, and prices range from $700 to $1,100.

In addition to the new phones, Apple also unveiled new versions of the Apple Watch 7, the iPad and the iPad Mini. Look for the new products to be released on September 24th.


Photo: Getty Images

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