Phish Establish Hurricane Fund for Caribbean Island Tortola

Phish has started a hurricane relief fund for the Caribbean Island of Tortola.

The band established the fund through the WaterWheel Foundation to aid the island's rebuilding efforts following Hurricane Irma last week.

Guitarist Trey Anastasio says in a statement posted on the band's website that the island has been a "second home" for him and his wife Susan Statesir since they first visited it in 1992.

"When the eye of Hurricane Irma went directly over Tortola last week, the devastation was incalculable," Anastasio writes. "Sue and I are so worried for our Tortola friends, most of whom cannot be reached, and with so many people suffering today right here in America, we fear that it could understandably be easy to foget and overlook a small island territory."

Anastasio continued, saying the island looks like it was "leveled by a bomb," adding that its residents are without electricity, water and, in many cases, shelter.

"[Many] people are homeless—many yet unaccounted for. The situation is desperate."

Anastasio says his family visits Tortola every winter and he's written many songs there, "too many to name," in fact. The guitarist concluded the statement with links to donate as well as to three rough recordings he made in Tortola last winter.

Read Anastasio's full statement here. Donate here.

Photo: Getty Images

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